Innovative Vectorworks BIM Book

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Illustrated case studies and an introduction to BIM with Vectorworks Architect. Edited by Jonathan Reeves

The illustrated case studies in this book show how innovative architectural practices have adopted building information modelling (BIM), using Vectorworks software, into their workflows. In the 1990s, many architects made the transition from the drawing board to computer-aided design (CAD). We are now beginning the move to BIM.

This time, the whole construction industry is involved in the search for a more seamless way to conceive, design, create and manage the built environment. The Government is also playing a powerful role in the UK, with its motivating mandate for all publicly funded projects over a certain size to be Level 2 BIM compliant by 2016. This aims to maintain the UK’s position of excellence as a respected provider of design and construction expertise and services.

The first part of this book shows how many smaller practices have been at the forefront of experimentation in architecture, and they are often early adopters of technology in ways that larger practices find difficult. The ability to adapt quickly and introduce new ways of working is becoming more and more important as the pace of change in the workplace speeds up. The move towards digital model-based, data-rich working can have significant benefits for architectural practices of all sizes. This book aims to dispel the myth that BIM is only for large projects or required if clients demand it. Many of the practices and projects illustrated here show that BIM is being adopted for small and medium-sized projects, as well as large ones, with advantages in efficiency. Many architects are just at the beginning of the process of defining what BIM means to them. I would like this book to be seen as a tool to motivate, inspire and assist in your journey towards new ways of working by showing what other practices are currently achieving on a wide range of different project types.

For those of you already using BIM, once the technical skills and software have been mastered for smaller projects, the confidence to try it with more complex larger projects will come. As a design tool, Vectorworks Architect has few limits, and I encourage you to try pushing the boundaries to discover what can be achieved.

The second part of this book offers hands-on practical advice to empower you to improve your 3D design skills. My 50 tips and tricks for Vectorworks Architect, based on my experience as a trainer, will be invaluable for beginners and experts alike. These are followed by a brief visual guide to the essential elements of architectural modelling, illustrating what can be created using the software’s built-in parametric tools and by employing free-form 3D modelling techniques.

The final chapter looks at some of the major new features added in the 2016 edition of Vectorworks Architect. It is often said that every journey begins with a small step. I hope that this book inspires you to begin down the road towards incorporating BIM into your practice’s workflow.

This book is an inspiring read for architects getting started with BIM or who want to be level 2 BIM compliant.

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